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We have been working directly with coffee growers in Tanzania for over 10 years. 
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TAnzania explained

Size – 947,300 sq km

Capital City – Dar Es Salaam

Main Port City – Dar Es Salaam

Population – 54,625,000

Language/s Spoken – Kiswahili/Swahili (official), English, Arabic & various local languages

Growing Regions – Karatu, Kigoma, Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Usambara, Songwe, Ruvuma, Mara

Common Varieties – Arusha, Bourbon, Blue Mountain, Kents

Processing Methods – Washed, Natural

Country-Specific Grades – Sorted by size, with AA the largest followed by A, B, PB, C, E, F, AF, TT, UG, TEX

Bag Size – 60 kg

Harvest Period – South Tanzania: May–September, North Tanzania: July–November

Typical Arrival – December–April 

In 2019 we made a decision to step closer to the farm and in May, we incorporated Kijani Hai Tanzania Limited with the task of increasing the economic viability of coffee growing. 

Kijani Hai operates as the exporting partner to Kijani. The organisation is spread across this vast country with regional offices in Kilimanjaro, Mara, Songwe and Ruvuma and the main export office in Dar Es Salaam. The regional office are focused on engaging with Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) in their areas. 

The approach we have adopted in Tanzania is based on our three pillars of community, diversity, and agronomy. We work with producers to increase crop, bio and income diversity through direct technical support offered to farmers in-the-field. 

We also invest directly into communities, building new washing stations, refurbishing old washing stations and delivering certification standards to farmers that choose to opt in.

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OriginCoffeeLotScoreVarietyProcessPackagingNo. of BagsWarehouse Notes
Tanzania Kijani Hai - AMCOS NyantiraSmallholders Kongoni86.75KP423, N39, CompactNatural60kg11ETA May 21- AGC Wild fruits, Red grape, Lime, Fruity