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Brazil explained

Size –  8,515,770 sq km

Capital City – Brasília

Main Port City – Port of Santos

Population – 209,712,000 (2019)

Language/s Spoken – Portuguese, English, Spanish

Growing Regions – Bahia, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais (including Carmo de Minas, Cerrado Mineiro, and Sul de Minas), Nambuco, Paraná, San Janeiro, São Paulo (including Mogiana),

Common Varieties – Bourbon (including Yellow Bourbon), Typica, Caturra, Catuai, Acaia, Mundo Novo, Icatu

Processing Methods – Washed, Pulped natural, Natural

Bag Size – 59–60 kg

Harvest Period – April–September, October–December (Espírito Santo)

Typical Arrival – October–January, February–March (Espírito Santo)

Our partners in Brazil are Jaguara Coffee. We have been working with Natalia Moreira for several years and source our coffees from two of her farms: Vale do Sol and Sao Francisco. Vale do Sol began with her grandfather Alexandre Garcia Capelo. Her father, Antonio Wander Garcia, followed in Alexandre’s footsteps. As an agricultural engineer, he has been very focused on coffee nutrition. Natalia represents the third generation of coffee producers that have followed coffee through the numerous highs and lows of the last 50 years.

Today Natalia and Jaguara are dedicated to improving working conditions and farming practices within the coffee industry. Their work begins at home, in their farms they have expanded their green areas, protected water sources with buffer zones around rivers
and springs, switched from fertiliser to organic mulching and are constantly testing new hybrids for resistance to rust, drought and nematodes.

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our brazilian offers
OriginCoffeeLotScoreVarietyProcessPackagingNo. of BagsWarehouse Notes
BrazilFinca São Francisco de Assis - André & Natalia GarciaMicrolot86.75Peaberry AcaiaSelective Picking Anaerobic Fermentation60kg White Brazilian GP2SOLDLavender, Purple Grape, Sugar Cane, Passion Fruit, Sweet and Velvet body
BrazilFinca São Francisco de Assis - André & Natalia GarciaMicrolot86Yellow CatucaiSelective Picking Anaerobic Fermentation60kg White Brazilian GP1SOLDKiwi, Lime, Tropical fruits, Complex.
BrazilFinca São Francisco de Assis - André & Natalia GarciaMicrolot84.5Yellow BourbonNatural60kg Grain Pro18AGCWhite grape, Lime, Star Fruit, Juicy
BrazilFinca Vale do Sol - Antonio Wander GarciaMicrolot83.75Yellow BourbonNatural60kg Grain Pro263AGCMocha, Hazelnut, Rich body