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Our mission is to add value in coffee communities and increase economic viability for coffee growers. 

In the field, in communities and in the cup. 

Throughout our work in East Africa we’ve recognised that if we want to positively impact people at origin we need to invest at origin. We’ve identified three key areas of focus to ensure our work drives forward positive change. These are strengthening communities, supporting farmers in-the-field and facilitating diversification. 

By focusing on these three areas we feel we’re best equipped to help develop economic viability for farmers and improve not just quality of coffee, but quality of life. 

OUr 3 Pillars
Kijani's story


For the past 10 years we have been working with farmers throughout Tanzania’s coffee growing regions. By focusing on good farming, certification and marketing we’ve helped to contributed to the development of healthy coffee communities and great coffee. 

On 14th January 2018 however Government reforms altered the landscape of Tanzanian coffee. The Tanzania Coffee Development Trust Fund was dissolved to make way for a new trading model aimed at connecting “roasters to suppliers”. During the process coffee prices fell and farmers began to grow despondent. During this period of transition we saw opportunity. 



In 2019 we founded Kijani Hai. We established an export organisation and used the changing structure to become closer to the farmer. Through this process we have learnt that economic viability for growers requires investment, good agronomical practices, and collaboration. We discovered that creating diversity in on-farm products and activities can build economic resilience for growers by generating more products for a wider audience. 

During this period of transition we saw opportunity. 

Kijani's platform

Kijani was built in recognition of this. We are not only the importing partner to our Tanzanian family but take our philosophy to coffee-growing communities in other areas of the world. We work with partners on-the-ground to build vertical integration models that connect, diversify and stimulate the coffee industry. Our story has taught us our place in the coffee chain. To provide a platform for exceptional stories and exceptional coffee. 

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